Friday, December 31, 2010

What Does Organic Gardening Mean?

Organic Gardening

What does Organic mean? Organic…of or formed from living things, organic matter; (of food etc.) produced without the use of artificial fertilizers or pesticides; -The Oxford Paperback Dictionary.

The idea of having an organic garden is almost too difficult to even thing about having. Actually, it is quiet the opposite. When we learn how to work with nature, we are able to grow healthy, natural food straight from our own gardens.

Organic gardening is cost effective, simple and delicious. Natural methods can be used to fight insect intrusion and plant disease. The benefits of working with nature and using natural remedies deliver healthy, bountiful crops with a natural eco system with healthy soil that will produce healthy crops without the use of chemicals.

Why does chemical fertilizer cause the soil to become imbalanced? This method kills the natural flora in the air and soil; this instantly creates a soil imbalance that will impact the amount of nutrient that grows in each crop and the volume of each crop produces. It is cost effective not to use chemical fertilizer. 

When chemical fertilizers are used; it increases the need to use even more artificial fertilizer on the crops that cost money.  Also, when using chemicals in the garden, it leaves behind dangerous chemicals on the body or leaf of the crop that is growing to be harvested. By growing an organic garden, no artificial fertilizer needs to be used, making this a cost effective project.

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