Friday, December 31, 2010

Organic Vegetable Garden with Companion Planting

Companion Planting Potato & Lettuce has our first organic vegetable garden using companion planting this season. When companion planting is applied to a vegetable garden, it assists the garden to become organic because no chemicals are needed to control insect and disease. There are natural solutions that do not interfere with the delicate Eco system within the soil and plants enviroment. Companion planting incorporates vegetables, herbs and flowers to assist each other in the success of abundance in the garden. This method needs zero chemicals to get rid of the problem insects and disease.

 A combination of vegetables, herbs and flowers that are grown in harmony with each other, create a healthy environment for both plant and soil. When vegetables, herbs and flowers are placed in certain combination, this formula gets rid of bugs and disease naturally.

I asked Jeannine Davidoff, our Organic Garden Companion Planting Consultant to assist me in creating an organic garden with companion planting. We came up with 5 important steps to start an organic vegetable garden using companion planting to create a healthy and natural garden with vegetables, herbs and flowers. These crops can be harvested straight from the garden to snack, eat fresh or cook healthy meals from the abundant crop of vegetables, herbs and flowers growing in the garden without chemicals.

I began the project by implementing the 5 steps to starting an organic vegetable garden using companion planting. I found the sunniest location, evaluated the soil, adjusted my spacing issues, took into account all the vegetables and herbs I wanted to eat. Lastly, I had to apply the right combination to where I had to plant each crop. Jeannine guided me with the placement of certain herbs and flowers to compliment the vegetables, taking into account the Canadian growing season.

Growing an organic vegetable garden with companion planting will deliver natural food with bounty full amounts of vegetables that could help us stay healthy.

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